Saint Update

Nieces of Nate Saint, (now with CMM) From the “Gates of Splendor” to the International Space Station-Nate Saint Plane Piece Goes To The Space Station!

“I’ve always had a heart for missions. When I visualize what I might do after I end my career at NASA, always in the back of my mind is going into the mission field in some way. If I could go tomorrow and be a pilot with an organization like MAF, I think that’s what I’d do.”

(Cape Canaveral, Florida)—Proving that space flight is not the highest calling for a pilot, astronaut Patrick Forrester is taking a bit of missionary history onboard space shuttle “Discovery.” The aim of the two-week orbital mission is to equip the International Space Station. (Discovery was scheduled to lift off on Tuesday, but bad weather forced a delay in the launch, which has been tentatively rescheduled.) Continue reading